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ESG Governance

We believe that good governance, within our company and in our partner relationships, provides the foundation for ESG performance. We strive to meet rigorous standards of corporate governance, follow industry best practices and satisfy legal and regulatory requirements. We monitor regulatory changes and review evolving governance practices in order to identify those that will best serve the interests of our stakeholders.

Strong governance and oversight of ESG performance is critical to maintaining the confidence and trust of all of our stakeholders. We look forward to strengthening our governance by expanding the breadth of experience, diversity, skills and viewpoints of our Board.

Communication and Engagement with the Board and Stakeholders

The Company’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing timely updates about the Company’s affairs to the Board and shareholders
  • Developing key messaging surrounding quarterly results
  • Ensuring Board oversight of ESG-related goals and providing meaningful progress updates


The Company’s accountabilities include:

  • Ensuring government compliance in all applicable jurisdictions
  • Overseeing compliance with federal and provincial regulatory agency directives
  • Ensuring any investments meet the Company’s environment , health and safety standards
  • Providing executives goals and objectives that promote compliance and sustainability
  • Timely communication with the Board, shareholders and other stakeholders

Objectives include:

  • Setting performance metrics to promote a culture of transparency and collaboration
  • Engaging regularly with stakeholders to foster constructive communication and to encourage stakeholders to express their views
  • Ensuring each executive is accountable and plays an integral role in the Company’s compliance program

Statutory Responsibilities include:

  • The compliance process requires meeting stock exchange regulations, SEC & other financial filings
  • Adhering to State & Federal governmental safety and environmental regulations