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Our Goals & Commitments

U.S. GoldMining Inc is committed to responsible exploration and mining practices and strives to make investments that support environmental sustainability, social responsibility and strong governance.

The key principles that guide us and our investment decisions include the following:

  • Promote and monitor the health and safety of the workforce including staff, contractors, consultants, suppliers and visitors to our operations
  • Promote a respectful, fair, and inclusive workplace that is free of discrimination
  • Minimize harm and make enhancements to the environment
  • Contribute to the socio-economic advancement of communities located near our investments
  • Early and frequent engagement and communications with our stakeholders
  • Implement and maintain an internal system to govern the Company effectively, fairly and with transparency

U.S. GoldMining Inc is fully committed to promoting safe workplaces, environmental sustainability, positive community impact and good governance.

The Company is committed to only partnering with contractors and suppliers that share our values and commitment to responsible exploration and mining practices. The Company has aligned its business with responsible, competent and reputable operators that are compliant with applicable regulations, respect their workforce and the surrounding communities, are well governed and are committed to environmental sustainability.

We monitor our projects for environmental and social performance.

We regularly review regulatory filings, sustainability reports and media releases to ensure that investments and partnerships continue to align with the Company’s values and are supporting responsible practices in the mining industry.

Community Investment

Exploration and mining companies have the potential to have significant positive economic and social impacts on the communities in which they operate and make investments.

U.S. GoldMining endeavours to develop and implement initiatives to help improve the lives of people in the communities located near our operations, create opportunities for local businesses, jobs for the local community and maintain safe access for the public.

Suppliers, Contractors & Employees

We conduct our business activities in compliance with laws and standards in the jurisdictions in which we operate, and to industry best standards. We partner with companies aligned with our values, which includes:

  • Preventing conflicts of interest between the Company and suppliers and contractors
  • Recognizing employee’s freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • Ensuring there is no discrimination against employees, contractors and suppliers
  • Respecting the dignity of our employees, as well as contractors and suppliers and their employees
  • Adhering to principles of diversity and maintaining a respectful and safe workplace
  • Reducing harm to the environment

Employing best practices

  • Environmental Baseline surveys are initiated early with a scope and frequency appropriate to the stage of project
  • We partner with local subject matter experts who have the knowledge, experience and skills to collect high quality data and provide expert guidance
  • We strictly adhere to regulations and permit requirements
  • At Whistler gold-copper project, salmon studies are underway to inform biodiversity management plan and hydrology and heritage studies are planned for the coming year

Partnering with Local Companies

  • Fairweather Science LLC
  • Owl Ridge Natural Resource Consultants Inc
  • Alaska Earth Sciences
  • Yukuskokon Professional Services
  • Andrew Airways